Our vision is that the Greater Brighton City Region will become the most successful economy in the South East connected with London.

It will become a Region known for its entrepreneurship, high standards of living and as a place where people, goods, services and ideas can move freely.

As the Greater Brighton Economic Board, we will become recognised for our creative approach to overcoming obstacles; for the innovative new ways we are unlocking growth potential; and for our determination in pursuing the best possible outcomes for the 700,000 people and 35,000 businesses who call the Region home.

This is no small task.  But it is achievable.

This website introduces you to the ambitious goals that the Greater Brighton Economic Board has set for the Region’s prosperity, helping you to track our progress and get involved with transformational projects in the heart of local communities.  

We will regularly publish updates and information to illustrate how our intelligence-led approach is delivering real value across the City Region, developing a resilient and intelligent economy poised for sustainable growth across the next decade – and beyond.


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