Europe’s most exciting, agile and welcoming business region. Perfectly positioned between London and England’s South Coast.

A special region where innovators and entrepreneurs thrive in beautiful places that combine connectivity and creativity.

In challenging times, the future is shaped by places that adapt, pivot and rewrite the rulebook.

This is Greater BrightON.

We are a UK City Region on the up, with an economy that has grown by 10 per cent in the past five years.

Stretching from Brighton, north to Crawley and Gatwick, west to Bognor and east across to Seaford, the Greater Brighton City Region is made up of seven local authority areas.

With excellent connectivity, a diverse and growing economy and a world-class workforce, Greater Brighton has all the raw materials needed to thrive. It is home to:

  • 400,000 jobs across 40,000 businesses
  • Greater Brighton Region has an economy worth £21 billion a year
  • Two leading universities, two international ports and a the UK’s second busiest airport
  • World-class digital, creative and engineering industries
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