In the autumn of 2020 the Board agreed and launched its GB10 environmental pledges.

These pledges promise to use our combined authority, lobbying power, expertise and knowledge to becoming a carbon neutral region, through championing a major programme of projects on environmental action and clean growth. The Greater Brighton city region pledges to help tackle the climate change crisis and place itself at the centre of partnership efforts to effect real change.

The agreement on the GB10 pledges followed after agreeing ambitious energy and water pans for the Greater Brighton region.

The Greater Brighton Energy Plan has over 30 investible energy projects under way. These projects will reduce energy demand, cut carbon emissions, and bring community benefits, and also contribute to a resilient energy system for the future. Some projects innovate with novel technologies and new ways of integrating energy systems, other projects seek to scale up and coordinate well-known interventions.

The Greater Brighton region is one of the most water-stressed in the UK, and the Greater Brighton Water Plan sets ambitious targets to reduce water consumption. Important now, but absolutely critical against the backdrop of climate change and the expected population changes by 2050.

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