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Read our Hydrogen Strategy for Greater Brighton in full here.

Hydrogen Sussex supports and promotes the low-carbon hydrogen economy across Greater Brighton and the wider Sussex area. The group, based in the Greater Brighton network, has already built a significant network of key stakeholders across local and central government, universities, colleges and businesses, and has been engaging stakeholders including regional MPs to enhance support and understanding of the region’s hydrogen ambitions.

In February 2023, the Greater Brighton Economic Board agreed a Hydrogen Strategy, developed by Hydrogen Sussex.

The strategy shows the key strengths of the hydrogen economy in the Greater Brighton and wider Sussex area, particularly in advanced engineering, education and research; and locations where clusters of hydrogen projects can develop. The Strategy gives a clear focus and direction, establishes a place-based perspective, and ensures that research and innovation is embedded in all hydrogen projects.

The investment proposition is complementary to and gives a supporting framework for individual projects to proceed, mapping to a variety of funding sources and focusing on research excellence and delivery at commercial pace.

Moving quickly to develop a strong UK hydrogen economy by 2030 presents opportunities for investment in projects and associated infrastructure and supply chain companies. With such a critical role to play in our journey to net zero, it is important that a joined up and strategic approach is taken to hydrogen investment.

Learn more about Hydrogen Sussex: info@hydrogensussex.org.

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