The unique beauty of rural Greater Brighton will be preserved thanks to the approval of a new guide for developers.

Mid Sussex District Council, a member of the Greater Brighton City Region, has adopted its Design Guide to ensure future developments are sustainable and enhance the unique character of the district.

The area is characterised by its historic settlements and beautiful countryside, much of which is protected for their special qualities.

So the Design Guide will ensure that new developments are respectful of this context, are designed to a high standard, and have a positive influence on the way people experience the villages, towns and homes that they live, work and socialise in. It will also help to support decision making by the council’s planning committees.

The move comes after Greater Brighton adopted the GB10, an ambitious set of 10 pledges designed to put the City Region at the forefront of sustainability and innovation by 2030.

Councillor Andrew MacNaughton, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, said:

“Mid Sussex District Council has always believed in the importance of good design. When appropriate, we ensure schemes are assessed by a Design Review Panel and we run a regular Design Awards scheme to celebrate and showcase the best designed buildings in the District.

“Our new Design Guide puts forward principles and standards aimed at creating safe and attractive places that are sensitive to the special character of our area, but also allows for creative and innovative design solutions.

“High quality design is essential to deliver the kind of places that will provide economic and environmental wellbeing and quality of life for our residents both now, and in the future.

“This Design Guide provides clarity to those involved in development about what is expected in our area, ensuring that there will be many more buildings which we can celebrate in years to come.”

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