Welcome to Greater Brighton

We are a UK City Region on the up, with an economy that has grown by 10 per cent in the past five years.

With excellent connectivity, a diverse and growing economy and a world-class workforce, Greater Brighton has all the raw materials needed to thrive. It is home to:

  • 400,000 jobs across 40,000 businesses
  • Greater Brighton Region has an economy worth £21 billion a year
  • Two leading universities, two international ports and a the UK’s second busiest airport
  • Greater Brighton Region offers world-class digital, creative and engineering industries

Stretching from Brighton, north to Crawley and Gatwick, west to Bognor and east across to Seaford, the Greater Brighton Economic Board is made up of seven local authorities as well as businesses and education providers.

The board’s ultimate aim is to bring jobs and prosperity to the area. Our vision is that the Greater Brighton City Region will become the most successful economy in the South East connected with London.

So far we have brought in more than £150 million of direct investment into our local economies.

We are continuing the work by bringing in investment to kickstart regeneration projects; lobbying for improvements in infrastructure and transport; and selling the benefits of doing business in the area to a wider audience.

The result is to ensure is that Greater Brighton realises its potential as one of the UK’s leading locations for people to live, work and visit.


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