Influential leaders across Greater Brighton today came together to pledge that the region would lead the way in helping to tackle climate change and developing green growth.

All members of the Greater Brighton Economic Board (GBEB) individually committed their organisations to support the GB10, a range of pledges underpinning energy and water projects which will help the environment.

The board includes all local councils in the region, business groups, two universities, further education with strong support from companies such as Ricardo and Southern Water.

A report before GBEB today (Tuesday) stated that supporting the pledges gave:

“considerable weight and commitment to projects that both create economic prosperity but also contribute to tackling climate change. It is a clear statement of intent from a powerful range of voices.”

The 10 pledges are:

  • Kelp: backing a scheme to introduce a carbon capturing kelp forest off the Sussex coast
  • Water Recycling: partnering projects to introduce recycled water into new homes
  • Zero Emission Fleets: committing to phasing out diesel cars, refuse trucks and vans
  • EV Charging Points: supporting a huge increase in electric vehicle charging points.
  • Rewilding: supporting an increase in natural landscapes and rain garden projects
  • Home Visits: supporting Southern Water’s 50,000 water and energy efficiency home visits
  • Low Carbon Heating: rolling out schemes to replace oil home heating with electric and other low carbon fuels
  • Public Buildings: reducing energy use by 50 per cent by 2030
  • Innovation: establishing an Innovation Forum to share latest research and best practice
  • Lobby: using Greater Brighton’s powerful voice to lobby government for investment

At the meeting all members of Greater Brighton individually backed the GB10 and outlining one area where they were already working successfully.

Chairman of the Greater Brighton Economic Board, Cllr Daniel Humphreys, said:

“As a city region we have a very powerful collective voice and an ability to coordinate our work to make maximum impact.

“In a post-Covid world economic recovery will depend on our ability to deliver clean growth projects which also tackle the ever-pressing climate change crisis. By making these pledges we have committed ourselves to initiating, backing, or supporting a genuinely innovative programme of works that will ensure Greater Brighton is at the forefront of sustainable development.”

Cllr Humphreys, who is also leader of Worthing Borough Council, added that the board would receive reports on the progress of the schemes. This would be made publicly available.

To back the GB10 pledges and the energy and water work beneath them a specially commissioned video has been produced and a new section of the Greater Brighton website created so that residents can be updated on the work and progress.

To see the video and find out more about the pledges visit


   Photo copyright © Darren Cool

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