Greater Brighton leaders have welcomed the arrival of the internationally-recognised British Science Festival as a “real coup” for the City Region.

The British Science Festival, the longest-established event of its type in Europe, is taking place across Brighton from Wednesday September to Saturday September 9.

Hosted jointly by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex, both of whom are members of the Greater Brighton Economic Board, it will see more than 150 free events take place across the City Region.

Speaking just after the launch of this year’s event, Greater Brighton leaders said it gave academics and businesses in the area a real opportunity to showcase their work to a national and global audience.

Cllr Andy Smith, chairman of the Greater Brighton Economic Board, said: “This is a real coup for the City Region and I’m looking forward to welcoming thousands of delegates to experience the brightest and best of what Greater Brighton has to offer for the British Science Festival.

“Thanks to the work of our two amazing universities and diverse range of businesses, Greater Brighton is a UK-leader when it comes to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries.

“The fact that organisers have chosen our region to host this international event shows how highly the work we are doing is regarded by those in the know.”

Organised by the British Science Association (BSA), it was first held in 1831.

Since then it has been held annually bringing scientists together to discuss their ground-breaking work with one another and the general public.

For more details on this year’s festival and various events – many of which are free – visit

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