A free festival that will peer into the weird and wonderful technologies of the future that will change our lives has been welcomed by Greater Brighton chiefs.

Brighton WonderFest will set out to show us how we will live in the future, how our health will be treated, where we will live, how we might travel, what our homes will look like and what jobs we might have.

A range of pioneers from the world of science, technology, engineering and the arts are expected to exhibit at the event to be held at Brighton Racecourse on October 26. 

WonderFest grew out of the week-long British Science Festival hosted by the Universities of Brighton and Sussex in 2017. From there a charity called Curiosity Sussex was established with the aim of inspiring audiences through exciting science, technology and engineering events.

Organiser Dr Katy Petherick, from the University of Sussex, said: “We want to break down the barrier that sometimes exists between people and science by making it accessible, relevant and exciting. 

“We hope Brighton Wonderfest gives people a fascinating day out and, who knows, maybe inspires some to want to contribute to creating our future.”

Chairman of Greater Brighton, Cllr Daniel Humphreys, said: “I’m delighted Curiosity Sussex have been able to reinvent the festival and keep interest going. Businesses and enterprises with science, engineering and technology at their heart are vital to the Greater Brighton region. We clearly need more young people interested in these subjects so anything that can inspire them is very welcome.”

Brighton WonderFest takes place at Brighton Racecourse on Saturday October 26 and is completely free to attend. The event opens at 10am for a quieter hour before opening to all at 11am. There are limited exhibitor spaces left and Curiosity Sussex are currently looking for volunteers to help on the day.

For further details go to https://www.brightonwonderfest.com/.

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