The Year Ahead (2015/16)

The Board is looking forward to ensure that the City Region:

  • Continues to work collaboratively, so that all parts of Greater Brighton benefit from its work;
  • Is ready to respond to the national policy debate on place-based devolution and, in so doing, is able to both seize any new opportunities, freedoms and flexibilities created by Government and to successfully negotiate new funding with HM Treasury and the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership;
  • Has the on-going capacity to deliver, particularly in response to the rapid and profound reductions in local government funding, and ultimately;
  • Has a clear and agreed plan for how it will strengthen and boost the local and national economy over the next 5 years.

The Board’s key areas of focus for 2015/16 are therefore to:

  • Work with key stakeholders to identify and agree the City Region’s long-term economic priorities and goals;
  • Develop a co-ordinated economic strategy that addresses the City Region’s key strategic issues, including housing, employment space, transport and other infrastructure, in an integrated and deliverable way;
  • Formulate a coherent and viable devolution proposition for the City Region, which includes clear ‘asks’ of and ‘offers’ to Government, that supports delivery of the long-term economic priorities and goals;
  • Continue to develop the Greater Brighton ‘project pipeline’, ensuring that these are aligned to the City Region’s economic priorities and goals, and secure funding for these as future opportunities arise, and;
  • Assess and recommend options for the most effective delivery model for the services that relate to economic development and growth, to ensure that the City Region has the continued capacity to deliver.