The First Year of Operation (2014/15)

Through the Greater Brighton City Deal Agreement and the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership’s Strategic Economic Plan, the Board has set out it’s aspiration for the City Region – to become the South East’s most successful economy, connected to London. The Board has created the Greater Brighton Investment Programme (‘the Programme’) in order to deliver this; an ambitious £1.6b Programme that is estimated to create 20,000 jobs, 11,000 homes and 495,000 m2 employment floorspace over its lifetime.

Building on the area’s emerging success stories, the Programme is designed to raise the City Region’s average productivity performance by unlocking sites, developing infrastructure and creating space and support for high-values businesses to start-up and grow and thereby reduce reliance on lower-value industries. This co-ordinated Programme of regeneration and infrastructure projects aims to:

  • Establish a network of university-backed growth centres in key locations across the City Region, acting as anchors for growth in high-value businesses in the creative digital, eco-tech and life sciences sectors;
  • Maintain, manage and improve the infrastructure needed to support these major growth centres, providing private sector investor certainty and confidence, and;
  • Improve support for the City Region’s businesses.

In its first year of operation, the Board has successfully secured approximately £96m in Government funding, through both the Greater Brighton City Deal and Rounds One and Two of the Coast to Capital Growth Deal (PDF), for projects within the Programme. These projects bring a total investment of over £487 million across the City Region and are expected to unlock approximately 15,500 jobs, 7,700 homes, 432,000 sqm employment floor space. The Board’s Annual Report 2014/15 provides further information relating to the Programme.

Greater Brighton Economic Board – Annual Report 2014/15

As well as developing and overseeing the Programme, the Board has taken steps to foster a greater understanding of the City Region. Working in partnership with the Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton Strategic Planning Board, the Board commissioned a series of background papers to provide evidence and inform decision-making in relation to the City Region’s economy (PDF), housing market (PDF) and transport system (PDF). The Board recognised that, in order to achieve long term sustainable growth across the City Region, these key strategic issues must be addressed in an integrated (PDF) and deliverable way.

This evidence base will help to develop of the City Region’s project pipeline and the associated funding bids. It will also inform the Board’s response to the national policy debate on placed-based devolution, which starts with the identification and articulation of the City Region’s long-term (5 year) economic priorities and goals. While still in its infancy, the Board has made enormous progress in creating a strong ‘brand’ that is recognised by Government, investors and key stakeholders.