Creative Talent

This is a place where smart people want to live, choose to study and stay to work.

Our dynamic and talented people have a well-deserved reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible and applying independent thinking to create innovative solutions.

It shouldn’t surprise you that we’re a hotbed of research and entrepreneurship. We have one of the highest proportions of creative businesses and the most startups per capita in the country.

World-class research and teaching at the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton attracts around 40,000 students from around the world. International strengths in advanced engineering, science, technology and digital industries create opportunities for businesses to collaborate and innovate.

University of Sussex has emerging research specialisms in quantum technologies with specialist groups covering quantum computing, clocks, imaging, enhanced measurements and simulations. There may be opportunities for specific R&D innovations in quantum technology to provide disruptive capabilities and new products and services across many industry sectors.

Our excellent schools and colleges, such as Greater Brighton Metropolitan College with its five campuses in Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing, ensure that the roots of our talent pipeline run deep into our communities.

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