The Greater Brighton City Region has an extraordinary mix of coastal, urban and rural landscapes (including the South Downs National Park, a UNESCO biosphere and a number of areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty). It has a strong cultural, heritage, visitor (including business tourism) and sports components.

This richness and variety within a 15 mile radius is regarded by residents and national and international visitors alike as a strong attractor for skilled labour and inward investment. There are a number of significant brownfield sites for regeneration and a growing investor appetite across the whole area (rather than just in established pockets of investment).

The Greater Brighton Economic Board is overseeing a dynamic portfolio of ongoing investments and regeneration opportunities designed to create the housing, employment and infrastructure to drive productivity throughout the City Region.  For businesses, the Board has also created a tool to match business needs with vacant properties throughout the Region.


Pop the cork! Record year for English wine producers

Pop the cork! Record year for English wine producers

Greater Brighton leaders have welcomed news that English wine producers are enjoying record breaking success around the globe. The City Region is host to a number of excellent vineyards - including Ridgeview, Breaky Bottom and Bolney - a fact which is increasingly...

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