Warmly received by the Government following its submission in September 2015, the Greater Brighton Economic Board’s Devolution Prospectus outlines everything that the Board could achieve through organic growth – and the extra value that devolved powers would add to the City Region.

The approach taken rests on three ‘platforms’:

Economic Productivity – through the provision of infrastructure, housing and employment land and enterprise support

Social Productivity – through the creation of skills for employment, living wage housing and the acceleration of the information economy to drive a vibrant social economy

Public Service Productivity – through the radical redesign of public services and the introduction of new models of governance (including through the One Public Estate programme)

The approach builds on the City Deal and Growth Deal of 2014, which identified key strategic interventions required (particularly to our infrastructure) and created a governance framework necessary to take it forward.

Throughout the Devolution Prospectus, the Greater Brighton Economic Board identified areas of focus shared with the neighbouring 3SC Devolution proposition (specifically around transport, infrastructure, skills and social care).  Both areas will benefit from this shared focus as their respective series of asks and offers come to fruition.

For further information, please read the Board’s Devolution Prospectus – Platforms for Productivity.