The Greater Brighton Economic Board is overarching, legally constituted, body behind the growth of the Greater Brighton City Region, formed in 2014 with the aim of protecting and growing the Region’s economy through creative, innovative initiatives which coordinate  economic development activities and investment at City Region level.

It is made up of representatives from the principle partners:

Local Authorities:

Education Providers:

Business Partnerships and other bodies:

The Board’s remit covers the functional economic area of the Greater Brighton City Region and it is responsible for strategic issues facing the whole of the City Region (rather than individual local projects), using an intelligence led approach to guide those opportunities which will unlock social and economic growth.

News headlines:

High level event to focus on Prosperity Through Innovation

Prosperity Through Innovation: Driving Growth Across Our Coastal Region will be the focus of a high-level summit supported by Greater Brighton. Organised by Coastal West Sussex, the event will focus on the different creative strategies and technological advances that...

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